In the age of internet commerce, holiday shopping can be overwhelming. Finding gifts for the whole family that are high quality, beautiful, and useful amid hordes of flashy ads feels like a crap shoot. And if you want a gift that is sustainable - I mean truly sustainable, not just greenwashed with fluffy advertising - that’s another high hurdle to jump. 

The good news is, your search has led you to Jimbo & Jules, where our mission is to offer high quality, all-natural, holistically sustainable wellness products for everyone. And this holiday season, we’re bringing back our CBD gift set bundles to make your life easier, and your loved ones’ lives happier. 

Whether you’re searching for thoughtful gifts for people with anxiety or depression, helpful gifts for back pain, or something sweet for those seeking balance and better sleep amid the stressors of everyday life, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift idea here. Not to mention, every bundle comes in a beautifully designed canvas zippered bag, ready to be reused for years to come. 

Keep reading to find out more about each of our four uniquely curated gift set bundles!

The Daily Balance - $109

We curated The Daily Balance to offer a well-balanced daily routine suitable for anyone seeking self-care. Together, these three best-selling products make a great gift for pretty much anyone, but especially those that are stressed and anxious.

Our Hemp Oil, high in CBD, is best taken daily as a supplement to balance the body’s systems, helping relieve chronic issues like pain and anxiety. With a creamy blend of oils, CBD, and our uplifting aromatherapy blend, our Bee Buzzin’ Relief Salve soothes aches and pains while boosting energy to get them through the day. And our Bee Easy Roll-On is ideal for on-the-go targeted application of CBD and our stress-relieving essential oil blend.

The Day Tripper - $49

For convenient, pocket-sized wellness that will keep them comfortable all day, we have the The Day Tripper Bundle. This gift set is also curated to offer balance to manage the stresses and pains that life dishes out, making it a thoughtful and useful gift for the active go-getters in your life. 

Our Bee Buzzin’ Relief Salve combines energizing aromatherapy with skin nourishing oils and pain-relieving CBD to keep them bright-eyed all day long. When stress sets in, they can quickly apply CBD and a balanced blend of soothing essential oils with our Bee Easy Roll-On. And who couldn’t use a natural, nourishing Peppermint Lip Balm to get them through the winter? (Oh, and did we mention our lip balm tubes are 100% plastic-free and home compostable?!)

The Nightly Nourish - $109

Looking for a meaningful gift for a sleep deprived mom? Maybe grandma is an insomniac too? The Nightly Nourish is perfect for anyone struggling to get enough Zzz’s. With deep relief for the day’s aches and pains, plus soothing aromatherapy expertly blended to encourage deep, restful sleep, this luxurious bundle makes for a truly treasurable present.

With relaxing aromatherapy and CBD hemp extract, our Bee Easy Relief Salve helps maintain lightness & ease throughout the day. When the day is done and it’s time for some rejuvenation, our Massage Oil is ready to nourish skin and soothe sore muscles. Infused with extra strength CBD oil and our therapeutic Soothe Like Honey blend, this massage oil glides smoothly, penetrates deeply, and improves circulation. For the person who wakes during the night, our Sleep Sweet Roll-On makes a perfect bedside companion to help them slip back into sleep.

The Overnight - $49

The Overnight bundle makes a great gift for the skincare obsessed in your life, or any loved one who could use a little TLC. With not one, but two relaxing, skin-nourishing products and a sleep enhancing roll-on, this gift bundle will leave them well-rested and glowing. 

Our Bee Easy Relief Salve has been heralded as a skincare routine must-have for those with dry skin. Not only does it make a great hydrating night oil, it can help heal minor cuts and burns in record time, and even relieve itchy rashes and eczema. Our Lavender Lip Balm leaves lips soft and supple, while keeping that soothing scent we all know and love just under the nose. And of course, our Sleep Sweet Roll-On ensures they get that much-needed beauty sleep.

We’re honored to be your one-stop holiday shop for everyone on your list - including yourself! After all, the only thing better than giving the gift of wellness is giving the gift of holistically sustainable wellness, not just for your people, but for our planet too.

 Jimbo & Jules Hemp Oil and CBD Products on display on top of wood blocks surrounded by pine cones

James Lord
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