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Two friends who believe in the power of plants to heal people & the planet.

Jimbo & Jules was born from a belief that our health is deeply connected with the health of our planet. We’ve experienced first hand that the better you feel - physically, mentally, and emotionally - the more abundant your capacity to serve the communities and environment around you. We also know that a healthier Earth provides us with more nourishing and therapeutic ingredients. It’s a two-way street, and the only sustainable way forward is to do our part.

Both of us endured the weight of chronic injury and illness for years. Jimbo suffered from chronic headaches as a result of multiple head injuries from sports, and Jules worked through severe back and neck pain from a spinal injury in high school. Both of us also endured long-term Lyme disease.

We discovered natural remedies from the Earth that helped us find lightness again. Once we had our lives back, our mission became clear: share these gifts with others, and help ensure that they last for future generations.

We envision a world where communities, rooted in wellness and meaningful connection, are inspired to coexist with their natural environment.

From our sustainable ingredients, packaging, and processes, to our Conscious Garden Project, we aspire to build a future that is better for all of us.

Stay Bloomin',

Jimbo & Jules

Holistic Sustainability


A product is only as good as the ingredients used to create it, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our ingredients are the highest quality available.

We source natural ingredients from healthy plants that are grown with immense care, and honey bees that roam free in fields of wildflowers never touched by pesticides.

All Natural

Sustainably Sourced


Small Batches


We are proud to offer packaging that is 100% recyclable, home compostable, or reusable!

Home Compostable

Did you know over 200 million plastic lip balm tubes end up in landfills or the ocean every year? Our lip balms are home compostable, and will fully decompose in just 2-3 weeks!


The glass bottles used for our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Massage Oil, and Roll-Ons are all easily recycled. Our salve tins are made of steel, which is highly recyclable, and manufactured right here in the USA!


Any product that comes with a plastic component, like a dropper or pump, is also available with a metal cap. Buy the plastic component once then refill plastic-free for life!


We ship all of our orders in sustainably forested boxes and protect shipments with plastic-free peanuts made from corn starch. All orders are shipped via USPS because they use traditional postage routes that are used daily, regardless of whether you’ve ordered something or not.

Conscious Garden Project

We created the Conscious Garden Project as an initiative to inspire and empower communities to restore biodiversity in their landscapes through native plant gardening.


Through community workshops and informative blogs, we strive to inspire others to use the most sustainable and restorative gardening practices.


We donate 1% of our sales to People and Pollinators Action Network, an organization working to promote sustainable land management practices, safeguard public health, and improve biodiversity across Colorado.

Native Seeds

Every order is shipped with a free packet of wildflower seeds native to your region, so you can start the journey of transforming your yard into one bustling with life and beauty!

Thank you for helping us plant the seed for a brighter future!