Giving Thanks To You

We know we're not alone in saying that the past two years have presented significant challenges as a small business. We started this journey creating products in the basement of Jules' parent's house, where we would bring them to farmers markets, workshops, and other local community events.

The pandemic forced us to navigate a digital world where all of a sudden we’re “competing” with other businesses that are spending millions of dollars a year to get their products in front of you

The beauty of this change though, is we quickly learned that we’re not here to compete. Instead, we are proud to nurture the slow, steady growth that aligns with the pace of nature. Another silver lining is that it allowed us to connect with a much broader community of folks from all over the world that are seeking a holistically sustainable experience ~ from ingredients, to packaging, to processes.

The Jimbo & Jules team is still officially just Jimbo & Jules. We wear A LOT of hats day in and day out to keep the lights on, but since moving to Colorado we have partnered with an incredible group of women, Tracee, Maggie, Juniper, and Atea that mix, blend, and pour all of our products.

 Collectively, they have more than two decades of experience working with hemp and they have taken our quality control to a whole new level.

 The therapeutic value of our products lies in the quality of our ingredients, and Jimbo is still our master sourcer - selecting the finest ingredients from small, sustainable, and ethical suppliers.

We’ve always seen Jimbo & Jules as something much bigger than a business that makes and sells products. It's a platform for change. Helping people and our collective home heal.

 Here for the planet, here for you, and most importantly here because of you .

With Love & Gratitude,


James Lord
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