According to the American Sleep Association (ASA), sleep-related problems affect 50 to 70 million people every year. When we think about how important proper sleep is for our overall health - these statistics make us consider not only the various factors that contribute to poor sleep patterns, but also how we may optimally implement organic hemp-derived solutions into our daily lives in order to live more comfortably.

Here at Jimbo & Jules, we're deeply committed to providing natural options for your self-care and wellness needs. Keep following along with this blog to learn more about the relationship between sleep and beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD. 

Cannabinoids and Our Bodies

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Let's talk about cannabinoids and our bodies. Under normal circumstances, our bodies naturally produce a healthy amount of endocannabinoids (neurotransmitters) that are part of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is known as one of the body's most vital regulatory systems responsible for helping to maintain a healthy balance. 

Hemp-derived cannabinoids such as CBD are unique because they can interact with the human body's endocannabinoid system, subsequently playing an important role in sleep and relaxation.

When there’s a problem (or our ECS gets thrown 'out of whack') these cannabinoids can help restore balance by leveling out the production of endocannabinoids and preventing our systems from becoming over or under-stimulated.

What Research Says About Cannabinoids and Sleep

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It's always good to follow the research when it comes to cannabinoids and specific bodily issues. Insufficient sleep affects everything from cardiovascular health to cognitive functions, therefore incorporating CBD into your routine can be a great start to getting your sleep schedule back on the right track. 

Preliminary research suggests that cannabinoids can help with a number of sleep disorders. The CBD compound in particular has been studied to have major potential in treating insomnia, REM sleep behavior disorder, and excessive daytime sleepiness disorder, as well as overall sleep and anxiety issues. 

Data also shows a relationship between endocannabinoid signaling and sleep-wake cycle processes. This indicates that a healthy ECS plays a huge role in how much and how well we tend to sleep, especially with its capability to modulate circadian rhythms. These beneficial reactions could be triggered by the addition of external cannabinoids. 

The above-mentioned studies point to the potential ability of medium-to-high doses of CBD to increase sleep duration, decrease the time it takes to fall asleep, and reduce sleep behavior problems such as REM and EDS issues. 

Holistic Wellness, Hemp Oil and Sleep: It’s A Journey

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While organic full spectrum hemp oil has certainly been shown to offer incredible support for dealing with sleep disorders, we want to take a moment to remind you to be patient with your journey. Rewiring the brain takes time, so be sure to take it slow when integrating new and healthy patterns.

CBD and hemp oil may be the missing pieces to your self-care puzzle and, when used alongside other wellness practices like regular exercise, a nourishing diet, and meditation—the results can be even more profound.

Ready to start incorporating a new natural sleep aid into your daily self-care routine? Be sure to select trusted high-quality hemp products and healthy methods of administration!

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Jimbo & Jules was born from a belief that our health is deeply connected with the health of our planet. We envision a world where communities, rooted in wellness and meaningful connection, are inspired to coexist with their natural environment. From our sustainable ingredients, packaging, and processes, to our Conscious Garden Project, we aspire to build a future that is better for all of us.

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Wishing you continued deep healing & wellness on your journey! - J&J 

James Lord