On The Bloom, we’ve covered a lot about the benefits of CBD for holistic wellness, and we hope these posts have inspired you to give it a go. While we’ve focused on why you should take CBD, we know there’s one pressing question we’ve yet to cover: how much CBD do you take?

Fear not, because in this CBD dosage guide we’ll break down this final barrier to your CBD journey. We’ll cover how much CBD to take, how to tailor your dosage to your specific needs, and any questions and concerns you might have left.

We’ll focus mainly on CBD oil, as it’s the form where the dosage matters the most, and touch on topical CBD treatments like salves, balms, and roll-ons. 

But before all of that, let’s recap on what CBD is and how it works with your body.


  • What does CBD do?
  • Not all CBD is created equally
  • 5 tips to find your unique dose
  • How long does CBD take to work?
  • Can you take too much CBD?
  • Does CBD show up on a drug test?
  • What about topical CBD? salves, roll-ons, and massage oils
  • Our recommended CBD dosage per product
  • ‘‘What’s the best CBD dosage for me?’’

What does CBD do?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the many chemical compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the hemp cannabis plant.

There are 150 cannabinoids altogether, including CBD and THC. Marijuana has high THC, the psychoactive component that makes you feel ‘high’, whereas CBD oil has an extremely low level of THC (less than 0.3% ). CBD oil, then, is not psychoactive and will not get you ‘high’.

What CBD oil does do, however, is interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body. Like your nervous system, the ECS is responsible for keeping your body in a cool, calm, and neutral state. When it’s a little out of whack, CBD has therapeutic properties for the ECS and can help your body find balance.

Some of the benefits of CBD oil include:

But before you rush to buy it…

Remember: not all CBD is created equally!

Have you ever wondered why our products say ‘Full Spectrum Hemp’ instead of CBD? That’s because not all CBD is created equally and the term itself can be a little vague.

There are three different types of CBD oil on the market:

  • Full-spectrum hemp oil, or full-spectrum CBD, contains all the naturally occurring compounds in hemp, including terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids (including less than 0.3% THC).
  • Broad-spectrum CBD contains some additional compounds but removes the THC.
  • Isolate CBD contains nothing but the CBD cannabinoid.

You might think that Isolate CBD – being the ‘purest’ form – is the most beneficial, but this isn’t the case.  

A phenomenon known as ‘the entourage effect’ means the combined effort of all the natural hemp compounds together has a greater effect on the ECS. Think of it as having your leafy greens in a salad with protein, grains, and a range of colorful veggies, rather than snacking on one spinach leaf.  

How much CBD should I take?

For most people, 15mg-30mg of CBD, taken 1 to 2 times a day, is a good place to start.

That said, everybody is different, and the correct CBD dosage is highly subjective. Your body weight, metabolism, genes, and medical history will all play a factor in how you respond to the substance.

When taking CBD for the first time, you’ll need to be alert to the possibility of hemp allergies. Also, check in with your doctor if you’re taking other medication as it could potentially counteract the intended effects.

If you’re thinking ‘‘well, what’s the best CBD dosage for me?’’, we have a couple of suggestions to help you work it out.

4 tips to find your unique dose

  1.     Check with a doctor

If you’re currently taking any medication or have underlying health conditions, check with a medical professional before you start taking CBD. You can discuss with them how much might be right for you.

  1.     Start slow and low

Start with a low dosage (~15mg) and gradually increase over time until you have the desired effect.

  1.     Keep a journal

As you start to increase your dosage, note how you feel and hopefully you will start to see improvements. This will help you know when you’ve found the right amount for you.

  1.     Tailor your dose

When you’ve found the amount that works for you, start taking this consistently as your ‘base dose’. On the days when you need an extra boost of the benefits, slightly increase the amount you take. This is your ‘breakthrough dose’.

How long does CBD take to work?

While the benefits of CBD are pretty magical, it’s not a magic potion. It won’t make your aches and anxieties go away overnight. CBD builds up in the body overtime and consistency is key to for best effects. So, once you think you’ve found your dose stick with it!

Can you take too much CBD?

The good thing about CBD dosage is that it’s hard to go wrong. The World Health Organization says that the substance is completely safe. Studies have even shown that CBD doses of up to 1,200 mg taken daily, for months, have no serious side effects.

That said, if you go crazy with the dosage by consistently taking upwards of 1,000mg you may experience uncomfortable effects like fatigue or diarrhea.

Basically, unless you’re filling up your water bottle with the stuff, it’s unlikely to do you serious harm. But since there’s little evidence that an extra-large dose has any additional benefits you’d be wasting your money and harming your wallet.

Does CBD show up on a drug test?

Another concern that comes with CBD dosage, is that taking too much might show up if you need to take a drug test. It’s a valid worry, as it’s a bit of a grey area.

Drug tests do not specifically screen for CBD. As we mentioned before, full-spectrum hemp contains extremely low levels of THC and is not psychoactive. The small THC content in full-spectrum CBD, however, might show up and could potentially cause someone to fail the test. 

If you’re required to take a drug test for work and are interested in taking CBD products, it’s best to check with your company’s HR department first. The same applies to an athletic drug test too: check with your committee or coach first.

If you’d prefer, you can use a topical CBD product instead. These products are very unlikely to show up on a drug test as they interact with cannabinoid receptors in the skin, rather than your digestive system and bloodstream. 

Whilst we’re on the topic of topicals, let’s dive into their dosage.

What about topical CBD products? What’s their dosage?

When it comes to topical CBD products, the more, the better.

Apply the product liberally to the area you wish to target. Your skin will absorb the cannabinoids, which reacts with the cannabinoid receptors nearby. This sends a signal to your ECS to ease the pain in the affected area. The more concentrated the amount you apply to the area, the more effective it will be.

Our Recommended CBD Dosage Per Product

At Jimbo & Jules, we have a range of full-spectrum CBD products to meet your different needs. Blended with other effective botanicals, our CBD formulas have their own unique usage and application.

To save you getting out the scales and trying to measure how much of your Jimbo & Jules product to take, here are some tips to get you started:

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil: Place 0.5-1.0ml underneath your tongue, 1 to 2 times a day. For chronic ailments, increase to 2.0ml or more as needed.

Sleep Deep: Place 1.0ml under your tongue 30 minutes before bed. Gradually increase to 2.0ml if desired.

Soothe Like Honey Massage Oil: Apply liberally to painful areas and rub until it’s absorbed. Best suited for chronic pain and enhancing post-injury recovery.

Muscle & Joint Relief Stick & Relief Salves: Apply a thick layer to the areas you wish to target. Best suited for soothing sore muscles and achy joints.

Roll-Ons: 3-4 (or more!) ‘rolls’ on your temples, behind your ears, and/ or under your nose, or directly to areas of discomfort. Use Bee Buzzin’ for energy, Bee Easy for relaxation, and Sleep Sweet to support a restful sleep.

‘‘What’s the best CBD dosage for me?’’

When it comes to CBD dosage, there’s no one size fits all. Finding the amount that works for you can take some time, experimentation, and adjustments. Once you do start to feel it working, it makes it all worth it.

We hope this guide has given you a bit more clarity and confidence starting your CBD journey with Jimbo & Jules. Remember, if you have any questions we’re only an email away! There’s nothing we love more than talking about all things CBD, so be sure to drop us a message at hello@jimboandjules.com.

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