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Why a Plantable Card?

Our mission is to help people and the planet heal. For people, we have our products. For the planet, we have the Conscious Garden Project, our initiative to restore our planet’s biodiversity through native plant gardening. By planting this card and nurturing the seeds within it, you can create a mini wildflower oasis for habitat starved pollinators in your community.

Plant it

Plant your card in a pot or in the ground with at least 6” of soil below it. Be sure to choose a spot that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight every day. Cover the card with 1/8” soil, and tamp down lightly.

Water it

Next, thoroughly soak the soil with water. Continue to water daily, keeping the soil moist until sprouts appear.

Nurture it

Once your seeds have sprouted, water once every few days, or whenever the soil surface begins to dry. Be sure not to overwater. Then, watch your flowers grow!

Share it

Spread the word by posting a photo of your mini pollinator oasis in action using #ConsciousGardener. With your help, we can create a vast network of conscious gardens across the planet!

Conscious Garden Project

Biodiversity loss caused by climate change and habitat destruction is one of the largest existential threats facing our planet right now. We created the Conscious Garden Project to help create thriving ecosystems bustling with life and beauty. As part of this effort, we donate 1% of sales to the People and Pollinators Action Network, an organization working to promote sustainable land management practices, safeguard public health, and improve biodiversity across Colorado. Thank you for helping us plant the seed for a brighter future! Learn more about Our Story and the Conscious Garden Project here:

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